Bird Replicates Old Television Show Theme Song. Wait Until You See How He Does It

There are so many musically inclined birds out there that it’s crazy! I wouldn’t be surprised if they formed a bird band one day. It’d be better than some of the music that’s out there now.

Still, of all the videos that I’ve watched of these birds, I’ve never seen anything like this one. It’s impressive seeing an old classic television theme song done like this. It’s something that has to be seen and heard to be believed.

The bird whistles the famous first part of “The Addams Family” theme song, and instead of snapping his fingers… which he has none of, he bonks his beak twice on the table. That makes a passable substitute. He keeps doing the song, even with another bird passing by him like “What are you DOING?” If they reboot the franchise for this generation, they should use this bird for the theme song.

It’s amazing that he came up with that to improvise for the snapping fingers. Birds can be quite clever when it comes to things like that. It would have been fun to see him trying for the first time. “Do do doo… hmmm… what can I use to simulate that sound? I can’t snap my claws. Wait. Let me try…” BONK BONK “Well, that seems to work!”

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