This Bird Is All Set To Go To The Beach. Now Watch When He Brings Out THOSE Sunglasses…

When we think of our pets we usually think of the typical pets that we always see. Yes, we’re talking about the cute and furry four legged friends that you have. Dogs have always been the most popular choice pet for people to have and it’s easy to understand why.

Dogs are sweet and furry and love to be around people. Many people have pet dogs. The second most popular choice of pet are cats. Cats, like dogs, are furry and love to cuddle with people. Many people have cats and they are commonly seen in people’s homes.

One animal that is quickly growing in popularity in being a household pet are birds. Birds rapidly are becoming one of the most popular and from this featured video it is easy to see why.

Birds are incredibly smart and have the ability to mimic words and sounds. They also are clever enough to learn tricks and to solve puzzles. In this featured video you will see different types of parrots doing all sorts of tricks. Now we know that these parrots are part of a show that is held in a zoo, these are the same types of birds that people are getting as pets. Just imagine having a pet parrot who is able to ride its own mini bicycle!

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