“LOL! This Bird’s Reaction to His Impending Vet Visit is Hilarious!”

Let’s face it no one likes going to the doctor, so why should our beloved pet be any different!

So, is it any wonder that when Max, the cockatoo, was just told by his owner he was going to the vet and the reaction is quite priceless to say the least.

Max, obviously isn’t stupid he knew exactly where his owner was taking him, and even tried to hide under the bookshelf and an end table. All the while Max is screeching loudly and letting his displeasure be known in a very loud way.

Max’s reaction is so funny, he really thinks he can run off to avoid going to the vet. Poor Max, he doesn’t understand that his owner is only taking him to the vet for his own good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UUjJysUMTw