Mouthwatering biscuits & gravy casserole you’ll make over and over

As a child, I remember being in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother as they cooked breakfast. One thing I remember the most is helping my grandmother roll out the homemade biscuit dough. I remember I always wanted to make one especially big to be mine. I wanted a big biscuit so that I could have a lot of her wonderful gravy!

While my grandmother and mother make an excellent breakfast, this recipe is one that I think is well worth the try. This simple recipe will fill you up and make you feel like a breakfast champ!

She starts with ground sausage to crumble fry up, and we all know how amazing it is to wake to the smell of sausage! Next, she adds the dry ingredients on top of the cooked sausage and lets that absorb. After its all absorbed, she adds the milk. Stirring frequently so that the mixture will thicken.

While the gravy thickens, that’s when you can cut up your dough into four squares from each biscuit. Once the gravy is done, then you pour it into the casserole dish and place the biscuit pieces on top.

Then you put that into the oven to bake! When its finally all done, she adds melted butter to the biscuit tops. Is your mouth watering yet? Gosh, I love my job, but that was belly-growling torture!

Others who have seen this video are saying things like, “This recipe looks awesome!” and “Love your videos!” I have to agree with them. This video was presented so well, that it convinced me that I needed this meal in my life! You can almost smell it through the screen!

There’s no doubt that this recipe looks so easy and delicious. I think after watching this video, you’ll be craving it like I am! I may be having biscuit an gravy casserole for breakfast tomorrow! Check out her website linked in the description below this video. I’m sure she has many more awesome recipes like this one!

Mouthwatering biscuits & gravy casserole you\'ll make over and over