Black Cat Jumps Into Empty Tub and Starts Rolling Around. I Was Laughing So Hard At Him.

Our cats can do all kinds of silly things to make a mess. I’ve seen them knock over containers of food, destroy blinds, drag toilet paper all over. They generally are very good about keeping themselves from getting hit by any of the mess. They may think that this is their albi, “I couldn’t have done it! I’m CLEAN!” When they are the only animal in the house… yeah, that doesn’t fly. Then we have this video here involving a cat named Salem who didn’t’ consider what his mommy was doing previously before he jumped in an empty tub.

We see Salem rolling around in the bathtub. His mommy, Amanda Barron, had taken a glitter bath beforehand – don’t ask me, I don’t understand these things, and I probably never will – and there was a lot of glitter still on the bottom. So, Salem gets covered in glitter. He’s a black cat, so the glitter becomes SUPER obvious. It’s not like it’s going to blend in with a lighter color. No, he looks like a walking black sequin now.

Apparently, Barron was able to track Salem after he left the tub and bring him back so that the glitter could be washed off. Hopefully, she didn’t need an Iron Man suit to get that done, since cats do NOT like to be bathed. Well, the general majority of them – there are a few that do like to sit in the water and be cleaned. You know what I call those? Exceptions. The rule of thumb is to anticipate a fight .

The only thing that makes this video a little creepy is when Salem’s eyes glow. It’s not the cat’s fault that it happens, it’s a naturally occurring thing. Still, if you saw a black, glowing-eyed cat that was glittering, you might think that alien life had finally found us and it had NO idea of how to fit in our world. “Silly alien,” I’d say. “Cats don’t glitter and have shiny eyes!” The alien would thank me, zap me into a pile of salt and then adjust before going on its way.

Salem was adorable before the glitter and the cuteness was raised by a factor of 10 with its addition. That’s my opinion. What did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Please leave them in the comments section below!

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