Black Cat Steals Ribbon While Mommy Wraps Packages. I Loved The Other Things He Did, Too.

Black cats get such a bad rap. Several centuries worth of superstitious fear might have had something to do with it. Forget about ‘might’ – it had everything to do with it. But it’s unfair, there are many loving black cats that get passed over at shelters because of this unfair stigma. People seem to be wising up, though. Take a look at this video of a black cat who is anything but bad luck for his mommy and daddy.

The star of the video is Cole, the black cat that I recently wrote about. He’s an exuberant cat that just loves exploring, jumping around and seeing what kind of mischief he can get himself into… including grabbing wrapping paper and ribbon. It’s quite the cute montage and the time flew by. I wanted to see more when it ended. He’s definitely not a black cat to be afraid of, that’s for sure!

We even see a brief snippet of the clip I wrote about before, with Cole being tickled while on his back. The whole video is so adorable as we see him at different ages, ranging from a kitten to a full-grown, and yet mischievous, adult cat. He loves to have fun, and there’s practically nothing out there that can’t amuse him for at least a few seconds. He will play with ANYTHING anywhere.

Here’s hoping that more people watch this video of Cole and think to themselves, “Hmm! Black cats aren’t creatures to be feared and shunned! Maybe those people from older times were just close-minded and superstitious!” An uptick of adoptions of black cats would be great. Though if anyone were to trip over an underfoot black cat, that’s not bringing on any bad luck or anything of the sort. Throw some salt over your shoulder just to be sure.

Wasn’t Cole so adorable? If I didn’t have two cats already, I’d be in line to go adopt a black cat. How about you? Do you have a black cat? Tell us all about him or her in the comments!

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