Black Cats Are Amazing, Yet Least Likely To Be Adopted. FORGET That Superstitious Stuff!!

Don’t let their appearance fool you, or all that mumbo-jumbo superstitious stuff. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with black cats. Still, black cats are the least likely of their feline friends to get adopted. This video is here to convince you otherwise with the top ten reasons to own a black cat.

That black kitty was super cute! The way he acted when his mommy was petting his belly was adorable. And how funny was the “stealth ninja” kitty mode?! Truth be told, I myself couldn’t spot Cole (the name of the kitty) when he went on black sheets!

Whatever your reasons for having a black cat may be, after watching this video, we know that those black little fellas are worth it! Share this video and help spread awareness of the awesomeness of black cats!

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