Black Kitten Found On Roadside By Good Samaritan. I Loved How He Showed Gratitude.

I always find stories about people who help abandoned animals fascinating and heartwarming. People taking the time out of their day, sometimes putting themselves at risk too, to save these animals, that’s just a great side of human nature. Take this video of a kitten that was found by a roadside. He was apparently just watching cars go by and seemed to be waiting for help. We see this kitten express his gratitude in a very cute way.

Apparently, this kitten was found by a roadside and brought into a home with two women. They gave him so gave him medicine to help him fight an infection. They would wash him and, in my favorite pun of all time, wrap him in a “purrito”. He’s a black cat, so they named him Venom. It looks like someone’s a Spider-Man fan. He was so thankful that he seems to have not stopped meowing around his new mommy. It’s almost like Venom just keeps saying, “Yay! Yay!” That would not surprise me, since the kitten must know he was taken out of a tough situation.

This little fellow IS a talker. I was expecting a longer video, but I made up for it by watching it three times. Venom wants attention something fierce. There’s something adorable about his focus on his mommy to pet him. The end of the video, when he’s sitting on his mommy’s lap… that melted me when his mommy imitated his meow. There’s a brief slide show at the end that shows pictures of Venom with his other cat buddies, two older cats that took him under their wings, I mean paws.

Bringing in a new pet with other ones already there are dicey, but Venom won them over and he’s been there for over two years, so he’s obviously not the same kitten that he was in the video. His mommy says he’s still a talker, though. That’s not surprising. I think he’ll talk every day for the rest of his life. That way, he knows that his parents will always know that he’s grateful for what they did for him.

What an amazing kitten. Have you had your cat “talk” to you a lot? Tell us all about them in the comments section!

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