Black Kitten Lies On His Back On Mommy’s Lap. I Was Smitten With What Happened Next.

If we could somehow power the nation on cute kitten videos, we’d have enough to supply us energy until the sun went dark billions of years from now. There’s just something energizing about watching these little fellas have fun. Their innocence and exuberance makes us feel the same way – perhaps it reminds us of when we were young and had the same amount of energy. Take this video of a kitten and his mommy.

We see a little black kitten named Cole lying on his back on his mommy’s lap. She tickles his belly, he play-bites some and then lifts his paws in the air like “MORE!” when she lifts up her hands. The video is about 45 seconds long, which is WAY too short. I’d be fine with 4.5 hours of this, personally. It never gets old seeing his sheer exuberance as he plays with his mommy. The two of them are having a blast.

This looks similar to another video where a woman was tickling a kitten and then lifting her hands up. In that one, she was using two hands though. This is clearly a single hand. Also, no one filed a patent on “tickling kitten” videos, so it’s not like we can’t have more than one of these types. I was smitten with this one as much as I was with the other one. I wish someone would make a supercut of just kittens being tickled.

The funny thing is that there are some angles where Cole looks like the baby dragon in “How to Train Your Dragon.” OK, maybe that’s because I have a kid and I’ve seen the movie about 43,000 times. Still, if you tune out the meows, it’s an eerie resemblance! I wouldn’t tickle a baby dragon though… who knows if he’s learned to control his ability to belch fire? *tickle* “FWOOOOOOOOSH!” “Ok, I’m going to go drop and roll, but no more tickling for now.”

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