Blake Shelton and Noivas Deliver Stunning Performance in ‘The Voice’ Finale

During ‘The Voice’ Finals, country star Blake Shelton joined finalist Noivas for a performance of Michael Bublé’s ‘Home.’ The incredible duet was emotional for everyone involved because it was Blake’s final moments on ‘The Voice.’

Noivas was blown away by the opportunity to perform alongside one of his heroes. He said, “This was such an emotional moment for me. I had to fight back the tears the whole time.”

He said, “If you had told 15-year-old Savion that he would be on one of the biggest stages with one of his music idols, I would have never believed you!”

The background has a pickup truck, tall yellow grass, and majestic mountains. Blake and Noivas stand in front of the backing band, playing their acoustic guitars.

The crowd goes wild when Blake sings the opening line. Then, both singers switch off each line. The orange and pink lights shine as a sunset turns on the background screen.

The song ends with the band dropping out, leaving Blake to sing the final words. Noivas steps away from his microphone and stares at Blake in disbelief. He is overcome with emotion and hugs Blake as the last notes are played.

The crowd loved it, and Noivas cherished the moment, saying, “16 years ago, I saw Blake Shelton perform this song at Parkdale Mall in Beaumont, Texas, and now I got to perform it with him.” It was an emotional performance as ‘The Voice’ said goodbye to Blake Shelton.

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Blake Shelton and Noivas Deliver Stunning Performance in ‘The Voice’ Finale