Blake Shelton Digs Deep With His Emotional New Breakup Anthem “I’m Sorry”

Blake Shelton has one song that’s been hard for him to record. While the country artist isn’t one to turn down a challenge, his song “I’m Sorry” was definitely one he found intimidating. That’s why it’s taken him so long to record it.

“The only reason I haven’t cut it,” he said, “is because out of fear of whether I can actually perform that vocal or not. I mean, it’s a tough song to sing.”

We’re glad he summoned up the courage to record the song. Once he finally got to the studio, Blake did an amazing job. He really knows how to let his emotion shine through in his voice, hitting those touching notes with perfection. This is a Blake Shelton you haven’t heard before.

With lyrics like “You say you never meant to hurt me / Well that might be true / But do you really think I should forgive you / For what you put me through,” anyone who has ever dealt with heartbreak will be able to relate.

Check out a behind the scenes video of Shelton recording this emotional new song below!  What did you think of it? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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