Bless Edith Bunker’s heart when she tries to give Gloria ‘the talk’

‘All in the Family’ is a beloved show in TV history because it dealt with real-life issues and found comedy in each moment. The characters and the situations still resonate with viewers today.

In one such episode, Gloria is in her white dress, getting ready for her big day. Edith runs in excitedly, gives her flowers, and says, ‘What a wonderful day for a wedding! Oh, how beautiful you look, just like the picture of your grandmother when she wore that dress.’

Someone knocks at the door, and Edith screams, ‘If it’s Mike, don’t come in! It’s bad luck!’ Archie walks in and asks, ‘Why do you have to squawk? It’s only me.’

He lets them know that the groom is preparing. Archie asks Edith, ‘What happened to my Statue of Liberty tie clip?’ Edith says, ‘I threw it out. The torch fell off!’ Archie responds, ‘She was still holding the book!’ He stomps out.

Edith goes to Gloria and tells her that it’s time for them to have a talk about the wedding night. Edith tries to get the words out, but she makes funny facial expressions while she struggles, and the crowd laughs.

She struggles to get the words out, and Gloria talks about how she and Mike love each other and will be nervous, but they will work it out. Then, Edith looks at her with wide eyes and says, ‘Yeah’ in her hilarious raspy voice.

Gloria thanks her mom for the talk even though Edith didn’t talk. And Edith says, ‘I never thought I’d be able to have this conversation.’ They hug, and the crowd laughs. It is a wonderful scene that relates to everyone.

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