He Was Blind And Autistic From Birth, But When You Hear Him Sing This Song, You’ll Break Down In Tears

Christopher Duffley’s life has been sort of a roller coaster ride, but he has definitely come out on top. When he was born, doctors realized that he had cocaine in his system because his mother used drugs while she was pregnant with him. He was given up for adoption by his drug addicted mother right after his birth in 2001. He was blind at birth and was later diagnosed with autism, and doctors believe it was due to his mother’s drug use. Thankfully, his aunt stepped in, and despite having four children of her own, she decided to take care of her brother’s son as well.

His new family found out that little Christopher was indeed very talented, so they tried to nurture this talent and believed in him. The following video features one of his performances done in collaboration with the World Outreach Church Kid’s Choir near Nashville, Tennessee. He sings “Lean on me” by Bill Withers and you won’t believe that this voice comes from someone this young.

He has gone through many challenges at a young age, but he doesn’t let the negative aspects of his life, or his disabilities, get him down. He is an inspirational little boy and one I think we can all learn from.

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