Blind Brazilian Girl Goes To Doctor. Her Transformation Stunned Me.

I recently wrote about a mother who had lost her child very shortly after she gave birth to him. Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum, I get to tell you about a video that shows a mother seeing her daughter gain something after years of living in darkness and no sound. That’s life. There are things that bring us to moments of despair and then there are ones that show us sheer joy.

Daiana Pereira, a mommy who lived in Brazil, saw that her daughter Nicolly seemed to be uable to hear or see anything. She also thought she was developmentally disabled. Doctors there had tried seven times to restore her daughter’s sight. They failed each time. Then the people of the Jackson Health Foundation International Kids Fund and the Kevin Garcia Foundation teamed up to bring her to America to see what they could do.

The first thing that doctors there saw was that she had fluid in her ear, once they got rid of that, she could hear. Then, they were able to do what the Brazilian doctors couldn’t do, fix her glaucoma-blinded eyes on the first try. The video of Nicolly looking at her mother for the first time is so heart-warming. Daina was so thankful to everyone who took care of her daughter – her translator was very sure to mention that.

It’s great that Nicolly got the gift of sight and hearing back. It literally opened up a whole new world for this little girl. Many more kids deserve the chance to have this happen to them. Sadly, these foundations can’t save everyone, but every little bit helps them. We seem to live in a world where people only care about themselves. We saw doctors sacrifice their time to bring a smile to this little girl’s face.

What an amazing video. I was amazed that the doctors were able to do this so fast.

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