Blind, Deaf Cat Goes Missing For Weeks. Owner Is Sure She’s Dead, But Then He Gets An Unexpected Call

Pets go missing all the time. Sometimes it’s because they get lost, others because they get stolen. People usually see pets as family members. Whenever they go missing it is like losing a brother, a sister or a daughter. People usually make posters and place them everywhere they can. If after 1 or 2 weeks the pet is not located, owners usually lose hope of ever recovering it.

In the case of pets with a disability, the outcome is often not very good. If the pet gets lost, it usually dies as it is not able to fend for itself. There are larger predators that usually see weaker animals as natural prey. If the pet is stolen, the thieves will usually give up on it and abandon it. This normally leads to their death.

People with blind cats and dogs take care of them as if it was a disabled son or daughter. They will pet-proof their homes. Padded corners for blind pets are a must in homes. Another favorite piece of pet equipment is padded steps. These steps are soft and made of plush material, so they don’t injure themselves in case they fall.

When a pet becomes deaf it is a very confusing time for it. Just as it is for humans, they start to notice changes in their everyday world. If they are born hearing impaired this is all they know and owners can provide or adapt their living conditions better. Deaf pets don’t respond the same as those with normal hearing. They may even seem stubborn to some owners who are not aware of their condition. In many cases, pets will become uncomfortable about being touched on their ears.

There are cases where the pets are both blind and deaf. Raymond McNamara lost his beloved pet cat, Lily during a trip to Ft. Lauderdale. She is a 20-year-old cat. She is blind and deaf. He posts dozens of flyers around the city. He also searches desperately for the feline for more than three weeks. After some time, he finally accepts that she has likely died. He will never see her again. What really hurts him is the fate she will have. Being not only deaf, but blind will probably make her suffer greatly.

Raymond has already lost hope of seeing her again when he gets a call. Animal rescue volunteers are trying to find him because Lily has been found. She was found at a Fort Lauderdale construction site. She was found very close to the beach where she’d gone missing. She is severely dehydrated and malnourished. She has cuts and scrapes, but she’s still alive.