This Blind Dog Was Abandoned. Then? You Won’t Stop Crying When You See What Happened Next!

The rescuers from Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization set out as soon as they got the information about an abandoned dog living in South LA. They reached the site and saw a dog crunched up between the trash piles in the street. But when they approached the pooch to help her, they found a devastating truth.

Fiona, this dog in the video, was actually blind with both eyes. When rescuers noticed this, they let Fiona smell them. But Fiona was so terrified of humans that she froze and even urinated on herself. Rescuers took time to gain Fiona’s trust and brought her to safety. They immediately took Fiona to the clinic and gave her medical bath. Fiona was even treated for her damaged eyes and after so long she was finally able to see the world again.

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