Blind Dog Left Homeless Proves Any Dog Can Give Back Love

Because there are so many dogs in need, even the sweetest fur babies with disabilities are overlooked by potential adopters. Foster families ensure that dogs have a safe and loving environment to stay in before they’re paired with their forever homes, and one couple shared their story as a testament to the fact that dogs with disabilities are no less capable of giving and receiving love.

Dami and her partner Greg expanded their family when they became foster parents to Elvis, a dog who’d been homeless before they took him in. Elvis had Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), which means that his vision will deteriorate over time and ultimately leave him blind. Elvis’ family had decided that his disability, despite being in its earliest stages, was too great a burden to bear and they abandoned him.

But Dami and Greg say that, in spite of his deteriorating vision, Elvis is a loving dog who enjoys playing fetch by sniffing out the ball, even calling him “the perfect Lab.” They share his story of love and support, and prove that every dog, no matter his or her disabilities, deserves a loving forever home. When this video was made they were hoping to pair Elvis with a loving family. I’ve no doubt that’s exactly what happened.

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