Blind, Elderly Best Friend Dogs Dumped at High-Kill Shelter Narrowly Escape Euthanization

When Bella and Snowball, two elderly dogs, were left at a high-kill shelter in California, their odds of adoption were slim. But another couple came to the rescue, adopting both dogs and giving them a new lease on life.

When Bella, a golden retriever mix, and Snowball, a blind Chihuahua mix, were left at the shelter, staff members weren’t sure they’d be adopted. Many people passed by the pair, but most were interested in finding younger, more active dogs.

Bella and Snowball were allowed to remain together at the shelter. Snowball spent most of his time snuggling his tiny frame against Bella’s face for comfort. Bella, who serves as Snowball’s seeing-eye dog, was happy to protect him.

Luckily, a couple passing through fell in love with the pups and adopted them together. The two perk right up when they are told it’s time to go and are taken outside. Snowball is immediately wrapped in a blanket and given lots of kisses while Bella cheerfully walks alongside on a leash, clearly happy to have room to roam. But the best part is that the best friends will remain together.