Blind kitty finds a new best friend after being adopted by a couple.

It’s really great when a family is willing to adopt an abandoned pet in order to provide him a new home, but it’s even more wonderful when they decide to adopt them disregarding any physical condition or other disability they might have. The star of this story is a cat named Martin; he is the perfect example of how the most difficult obstacles can be overcome with the right support and patience.

The eyes are one of the best features among the cat’s skill repertory; they provide a very accurate vision and allow them to see clearly over the night, that’s why they can hunt their preys without problem in the darkest hours. According to this fact, we don’t need to emphasize that if anything affects the eyes even a minor issue, it can cause a serious problem to their health and way of living.

Our little friend Martin lost his eyes in a similar situation, when they found him his eyes had acquired a severe infection that evolved quickly over time, to the point of needing medical surgery to survive. After the surgery, his health improved considerably but his vision was lost forever. Fortunately for him, a very nice couple adopted him despite lacking the outstanding eyesight that characterizes all felines in the world.

Raye and Markeeta are one of a kind couple; they are a gentle and loving couple who only desires the best for their precious pets. They have a great collection of toys inside their house in order to keep them entertained and to make them feel like the kings of the castle. They have adopted several kitties over the years and they really enjoy being surrounded with them.

When Martin was brought to the house, they had only one inconvenient with their other pet cat named Kitty, she didn’t like one bit the presence of Martin in the house. This behavior was understandable since Kitty spent too much time alone in the house, for almost 14 years she only had the company of her mommy and daddy so it’s easy to say that she was used to having the whole place for herself, turning the presence of Martin into a competition for attention and love.

After a while they thought of a simple solution, they decided to find a new friend to Martin so they introduce a series of other cats to see which one was the perfect friend for him. One in particular named Mr. Pinkerton hit it off completely with him; he was a beautiful black and white cat with a tremendous loving personality. In short time they became best friends and now they can’t spend too much time without each other’s company. They keep walking and playing with the toys all day long, it was really meant to be and the best part of all is that you wouldn’t even notice that Martin is a blind kitty; he does everything as any other cat.

If you want to watch how Martin the cat continues living a happy life, just click play on the video below and enjoy this fun couple. Don’t forget to leave your comments and share it with your friends and family.