When This Blind Kitty Received His First Toy Ever, He Touhed My Heart. Aww!

Having a disability is a difficult obstacle that not only many humans must overcome, but animals as well. But you may not k now that animals are very resourceful and resilient and can be a source of inspiration and motivation for us all. Look at this little kitty. He hasn’t let being blind get in the way of his happiness at all. Get your tissues ready because you may tear up watching this next video.

Oscar is visually impaired. He was born this way, so he doesn’t know a different way of life, but he had never played with toys before. When Oscar got adopted the first thing his family did was give him some toys like balls with bells inside so he could easily find them. His reaction to these toys is so adorable.

All pets want to play, even ones with disabilities. What’s unfortunate is that people often don’t want to care for a pet with a disability so they end up in shelters and are ignored by people hoping to adopt, just because they are different. But every pet deserves love and sometimes I think a disabled pet deserves even more. Oscar’s adoptive family sure does have a huge heart!

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