Blind Man Shows Passerby A Winning Lottery Ticket. Their Reaction Stunned Me.

If you want to see the true side of most people, have them find money with a chance to get away with taking it. Would people do the equivalent of taking candy from a baby? Sadly, there are some people that would grab that money and walk away without a second thought. Johal, a YouTube personality, decided to put that to the test and the results of the video that we see here are pretty shocking.

The video starts with Johal in a rich part of town. He dons his shades and walk around with a cane – though he would have been better off getting a real blind man’s cane that is long, white and thin. That would make it more believable. He stands outside a store and tells people that he has a lottery ticket and he’s waiting for his mother to come pick him up. He thinks he has a winner but he can’t be sure since he’s blind. Can the person check.

Well… the people in the rich area are jerks. One of them just walks away without another word after looking at the ticket. Another one says that it’s not a winner and he’ll be glad to ‘throw it out” for him. When Johal reveals that he’s not blind, the man tosses the ticket on the ground. Then he goes to homeless people outside the store and they are more than honest with him. He rewards them with $10 for their honesty.

There are some who might have thought that this was a set-up. He has several other videos where he does the “rich people are jerks/poor people honest” social experiment. Still, it doesn’t surprise me that a person who is already well-off would be so greedy. The homeless people live by a code despite their hard times. They know that money comes and goes, but they will always have their honor.

What did you think of the video? Would you have given the ticket back and explained that it was a winner? We’d love to hear your thoughts about how this social experiment was conducted. Head over to the comments section and write away!

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