This Blind Pit Bull Was Abandoned In A Junkyard… Now Watch When He Goes Home!

Meet Raj the Pitbull, he spent a harrowing existence at the hands of his last owners.  The 4-year-old pitbull from New Mexico has no eyes and had suffered unfathomable abuse. However, thankfully a kind couple opened up their hearts to him!

“As soon as I saw him, I just knew he was my puppy,” Alex Goslow told New Mexico’s KRQE. All it took for Goslow and her boyfriend to fall in love with Raj was seeing a video of him made by the Animal Humane Society. “The next day we decided to go to Animal Humane and we picked him up,” she said.

Raj spent three years of his life tied with a chain in what’s believed to have been a junkyard. The pit bull gets by without eyes and miraculously also survived being poisoned.

It didn’t take long for Raj to become accustomed to his new home and fall in love with his owners, as seen in the heartwarming video below. His loving family also put a doggy-door in their house which the pooch learned to navigate quickly.

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