This Blind Pug Was In A Bad Shape Before He Met His Owner

This poor little pug was in really bad shape when he arrived at the Michigan Humane Society. Veterinarians discovered that Mickey was suffering from mange and glaucoma which had made him blind and had caused him extreme pain. Some very difficult decisions had to be made in order to help Mickey and make him comfortable, but fortunately, euthanasia wasn’t one of them. The veterinarians decided that in order for Mickey to feel comfortable and be happy, the best thing that they could do for him was to remove his eyes.

Once Mickey received the treatment he needed and healed, he was ready for adoption. Mickey was finally adopted by Sabrina Johnson, the District Judge for Inkster, MI.  Johnson regularly brings Mickey to work and everyone loves him. “I got him from rescue, and he really rescued me,” Johnson said in the video. “He’s just the love of my life.” Mickey is a fast learner and rarely bumps into things. “Sometimes when we’re walking in the park, he’ll get going and run into a tree,” she said. “He simply backs up, shakes it off and keeps moving. He really has taught me about how to live life.” Mickey’s spirit didn’t leave with his sight, and he is a happy puppy and makes his owner happy every day.

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