Blindfolded trombone players pull off dicey ‘Headchopper’ routine

High school marching bands can be a challenging ordeal. Being in these bands requires a lot of practice and performing. You need to move and play with accuracy and coordination.

Now imagine doing all of that while blindfolded. A marching band that does this has to be extra skilled to pull off any performance. Even college bands would find this challenging.

That’s a challenge the Lyon Bros can handle. This band performs all manner of fun performances. They’ve been known for playing memes and video game music.

In this complex routine, some high school trombone players pull off quite the act. They start by holding their instruments while blindfolded. They’re lined up next to each other.

The drumline starts playing, and the trombone players start moving their instruments. They carry them quickly in specific directions that could easily hit the player next to them.

The coordination is so strong that they never once hit each other. The moves are so fast that it’s impressive how in sync they are.

After showcasing their talents, the trombone players take off their blindfolds. They’ll need their eyesight for this elaborate second part.

The drumline picks up the tempo as the trombone players start rotating. The players turn so quickly that they start ducking and hopping over the long trombones. It’s impressive enough to inspire cheers in the surrounding crowd.

They finish up their routine, and the audience applauds. The players deserve applause for accomplishing such a tricky routine.

The video obliges if you’re curious what this routine would sound like with different music. A remix version follows that adds some R&B into the mix. This remix kicks up the tempo a bit and makes the performance all the more impressive.

Featured in the band is Noah from the YouTube channel Lyon Bros. The channels center on posting marching band performances that are both clever and complex. They do not disappoint in this video.

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