Jackson Galaxy uses groundbreaking ‘blinking’ technique to calm a feisty cat

Jackson Galaxy is a cat behaviorist, and his latest subject is Lucy, a feisty cat. Lucy is Sara and John’s pet and tends to act out a lot. The couple also has another cat, Kylie, who is comparatively calm and afraid of Lucy. Sara is also six months pregnant.

Feisty cat

After two weeks, Jackson paid his second visit to John and Sara’s house. During his first visit, he saw Lucy’s violent behavior firsthand. He had given the couple some homework that he wanted them to practice on Lucy. This time, Jackson found out that Lucy had attacked Sara so violently that blood came out.

This got Jackson a bit worried because there weren’t too many things to work on to reduce Lucy’s violent behavior. According to John, Lucy had stopped reacting to her toys, and the couple could not supervise the cat for two days. According to Jackson, the couple needs to let Lucy share some space with Kylie. It is also crucial for them to play with her. If this is not done, the cat will get more violent with each passing day. Whenever Sara tried to block Lucy from harming Kylie, the fierce cat would attack her mother instead.

Feisty cat

Jackson decided to take a look around the house. He was pleased and impressed by the new nursery, which looked like a second garage earlier. Lucy was allowed to roam around the nursery. According to Jackson, this would help the cat not feel threatened around a newborn. Next, they visited the room where Kylie was happily lying down at an elevated position. Suddenly, Lucy walked in and stared continuously at Kylie in hatred. Jackson tried to distract Lucy with a toy, but the cat ignored it and attacked Kylie. This was when Jackson stepped in and stopped Lucy.

By this time, Jackson was determined to try and find a way to calm her down. He stared at Lucy and occasionally blinked softly. This was a way to communicate with cats. He also kept saying, “Hi” in a seductive voice. This seemed to do the trick. Lucy relaxed a lot and even started purring. She rolled on her back playfully. Seeing the positive change in Lucy’s behavior, Jackson decided to give the couple their second homework.

Feisty cat

He wanted the cats to see the entire development process of the nursery. This would help them know what goes on inside the crib and not be deprived of watching the baby. This will make the baby less prone to their attacks. He didn’t want Sara and John to hide Kylie. He wanted the cat to roam around freely with Lucy around. This will skyrocket Kylie’s confidence.

Jackson also said that he would record himself doing the eye blinking, and the couple would have to play the recording on their big TV. He didn’t want the couple to get attacked by Lucy again. After a few days, Jackson came to know that his blinking trick had helped a lot. Kylie would fall asleep even with Lucy around the same room. Lucy had stopped attacking Sara and was also more interested in playing with toys earlier.

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Jackson Galaxy uses groundbreaking \'blinking\' technique to calm a feisty cat