Blue Jay responds to woman’s clapping, becomes regular visitor

Blue Jay

Birds are the epitome of the beauty of Mother Nature. While some birds have dull-colored wings, there are quite a few birds with bright and colorful wings. One such example is the Blue Jay.

Woman clapping

It is pretty common to find small birds quickly getting scared at a loud sound, like the sound of clapping your hands. However, have you ever heard about a bird that actually responds to your clapping?

This is precisely what was found recently in Canada. A lady would feed a Blue Jay every day. While she clapped her hands a couple of times, the Blue Jay would respond from a distance.

Blue Jay

The bird would soon fly to the source of the sound and find a bowl filled with peeled nuts ready to enjoy. This was a daily routine followed by the lady and the beautiful bird.

However, during the cold winter season, the Blue Jay was not found for 2 days. Although this did worry the lady, she didn’t stop keeping a bowl full of peeled nuts on the table for the bird every day.

Blue Jay

Finally, after 2 days, the bird did respond to her clapping sounds and returned to enjoy her share of peeled nuts. The lady sometimes used to tease the bird with a whole peanut in her hands.

Although Blue Jays love to have a whole peanut, this bird didn’t give in to her greed and maintained the distance from her human well-wisher. However, this daily routine did create a special bond between the bird and the lady.

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Blue Jay responds to woman\'s clapping, becomes regular visitor