Boaters remove fishing line from whale’s mouth and perform the ultimate rescue mission

It’s always nice to hear a story about an animal in trouble being rescued by people who take the trouble to help. Two young men in Australia had a chance to help an animal in need while enjoying a day fishing on a river. Given where they were, the animal was a surprise, a really big surprise.

Ivan Iskenderian and Michael Riggio were on board the “My Girl,” not exactly on a river, but a river-like part of Sydney Harbor that meanders its way a good distance inland. The last thing they expected to see 10 miles from the open ocean was a whale! But despite the shallow water, a southern right whale suddenly appeared, swimming straight for their boat.

The whale repeatedly poked its head out of the water, and looked directly at the two men as if it wanted something. It was an impressive and somewhat intimidating sight; the whale’s breathing was incredibly loud. It soon became apparent that what the whale wanted was help: a length of fishing line and a plastic bag were caught in its mouth. As Ivan recalled, “It was right on his lip… He seemed like he wanted it off.”

Ivan was more than happy to help and managed to pluck the line from the whale’s mouth. “I was pretty stoked I actually got it. It was pretty good, a couple of people were clapping. That’s my good deed done for the day, I guess.” Meanwhile, his friend Michael was deeply impressed and had the presence of mind to take a selfie! “It wasn’t fazed by us being there at all. I took a selfie when it popped up. It was definitely a once in a lifetime thing. I never thought I’d be that close to a whale.”

Someone on another boat captured video of this good deed and we’ve posted it for you below. Let us know how you liked it in the comments section and be sure to like and share!