Boaters Save Struggling Young Bear With Jar On Her Head

While we as humans can do our part to keep wild animals safe from waste by recycling our goods, there’s only so much we can do. Curious critters like bears will sift through garbage and recycling bins in hopes of finding a scrumptious morsel.

The Hurt family enjoyed an evening on Marsh Miller Lake when they spotted what looked to be a real-life version of Winnie the Pooh. Right next to their boat was a swimming bear with its head stuck in a giant plastic jar.

In an attempt to free the bear, Brian Hurt tried tugging at the jug, only to loosen in a tad. It was then the family could hear how distressed the bear really was. Gasping for air as it kept swimming, the Hurt family sprung into action.

They pulled the boat behind the bear and gave one last attempt at freeing the helpless animal. Thankfully, Brain was successful, and the bear quickly swam his way onto the nearby shore. We’re glad people like the Hurt’s were there at just the right time.