Bob Newhart and Dean Martin crack each other up in ‘Driving Instructor’ skit

Bob Newhart and Dean Martin

‘The Dean Martin Show’ welcomed Bob Newhart to the broadcast. Dean introduces his ‘Good Friend’ Bob. The two men have worked together in the past, and Dean was quite fond of Bob’s stand-up comedy routine.

Dean Martin

Bob starts by saying, ‘Tonight, Dean and I would like to salute a group of men who are largely unsung who daily risk their lives that others might live. I’m, of course, talking about America’s driving instructors.’

Bob is the driving instructor and is waiting for his student in the car, Mrs. Webb, played by Dean, who appears in an old lady outfit with a wig and glasses. They sit next to each other, and Bob says, ‘I’ve had some ugly students.’

Bob Newhart and Dean Martin

They talk, and Bob asks simple questions to Dean, who speaks with a big smile on his face and a soft voice. Bob tries to hold in his laughter when Dean talks.

Bob asks a few questions like, ‘How fast were you going when Mr. Adams jumped from the car?’ Dean responds, ‘Seventy-five. We were in my driveway backing out!’

Bob tells Mrs. Webb to start the car, and Dean moves slowly and turns on the windshield wipers! Bob gets frustrated and shouts at her. Then, Mrs. Webb cries hysterically. She keeps driving and says the other cars beeping make her nervous.

Bob Newhart and Dean Martin

Bob says it’s time to make a turn but don’t make it too sharp, and Bob falls out of his chair. Dean starts to break character, laughing. Eventually, the cops pull them over, and Bob says he will go to the station with them and explain the situation. Mrs. Webb asks for Bob’s name, and he tells her, ‘Well, my name is Frank Dexter. Why do you ask?’ Then Mrs. Webb responds, ‘I want to be sure to ask for you the next time,’ and the audience roars with laughter.

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Bob Newhart and Dean Martin crack each other up in \'Driving Instructor\' skit