Bob Newhart plays an air traffic controller and it goes pretty much like you would expect!

Bob Newhart as air traffic controller

Comedy is one of the best remedies for loneliness and stress after having a big busy day at work or at home. It gives us a moment of relief which somehow relaxes our minds.

Though there are lots of comedy icons nowadays, most of us will agree that classic comedies are still one of the best triggers to make us laugh insanely. If you go back to the 60s, you’ll surely see the best hilarious skits.

One of the most famous comedians in the 60s is Bob Newhart. He has become part of many shows such as The Bob Newhart Show, Newhart, Elf, The Rescuers, and The Rescuers Down Under.

Bob Newhart as air traffic controller

In one of Newhart’s remastered videos, you will see him doing comedy skits as an air traffic controller in 60s television. It was totally hilarious and made the audience laugh in tears.

He stated some almost impossible scenarios as an air traffic controller. It was absolutely funny from the moment he started talking until the very end. I mean, there was no dull moment with Newhart.

Even viewers at this time will laugh at his jokes. It was so pure and wholesome. He didn’t even need to add profanity to make everyone laugh.

There are times that we will need these kinds of videos to make us laugh and for a moment, forget all our problems in life.

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