Incredible Choir Delights Judges With A Rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ That Will Make 1980’s Fans Proud

children i white with arms out stretched, singingBohemian Rhapsody is one of the most popular songs of all times. It is highly likely that you’ve heard it at least once by the original band, Queen, or one of the dozens of cover versions that have been produced over the years. You might have even heard it performed by an acapella group. Chances are you have never heard it performed by a group this size.

In this video, we watch well over 50 different singers perform the song. Getting two voices to blend harmoniously is quite a task that is why I simply cannot understand how this group with well over 50 teenagers were able to put on such an outstanding performance on the TV series Georgia’s Got Talent. I was shocked!

Full view of cchoir and judges wih conductorI can just imagine how much time and effort went into their rehearsals.  The performance began with the lights dimmed and the song began with the famous first lines “This is the real life? Is this just fantasy?” The lights then slowly turned on as the group sang “Open your eyes…” It certainly added an unexpected level of drama to the performance.    

The song then picked up tempo and the performers sang their hearts out. You could tell that the judges loved every minute of this performance because you get to see them singing along and smiling as the group performed.

The audience can be heard screaming wildly throughout the entire performance. These kids know how to put on a show! They swayed, lifted their hands to the sky, and did a number of other synchronized moves as they sang.

It was a powerful performance. No wonder these kids found themselves in the semifinals of the competition. They certainly earned it.

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Incredible Choir Delights Judges With A Rendition of \'Bohemian Rhapsody\' That Will Make 1980\'s Fans Proud