Bolivian Woman Gets Hug From Very Special Guest At Sanctuary. Who Is It? ADORABLE

Go to a zoo or an animal sanctuary and you might get a chance to get up close to some really cool creatures. Especially if you’re in a petting zoo. But getting the chance to pet a goat pales in comparison to what this lucky volunteer got to do at La Senda Verde, an animal sanctuary in Bolivia: Hug a spider monkey.

No, that’s not some euphemism for some kind of dirty act. She was at the sanctuary and the spider monkey was in some need of some tender care. The volunteer sat down and the monkey climbed on her lap and wrapped his long arms around her neck and nuzzled with her. It’s such a sweet scene. She’s rocking back and forth like she’s holding a little boy. The spider monkey’s a little larger than that, but not by too much.

I always love seeing people interacting with exotic animals. How many of us get to hang with a spider monkey? I’d love to jump on the next plane to Bolivia for a chance to do that. It’s just a chance to form a really unique bond. If it sounds like I’m jealous of this volunteer… yes, yes I am quite jealous. Someone get me a ticket to Bolivia, please. I can fit rather comfortably in a suitcase. Just be careful to leave some airholes for me…

What’s cool about it is that the spider monkey is displaying human behavior. Something was making it feel down and this woman was able to try to make it feel better. Such a tender scene. Though she had to be careful, in a way. As small as that monkey was, it’s still very strong. If you watch the video, the monkey seems to know its own strength and dials it back while hugging her. If it really hugged her tightly, you’d see her turn several shades of purple.

This video really made me want to go hug something. Only my cat was awake. That had to do. What did you think of the video? Leave a comment below!

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