The Bond Between This Human And His Amazing Blind Cat Is Indestructible! Watch This Moving Video!

Pets can teach so many valuable things about life. Animals are incredibly noble and they face hardship and cruelty with their head high and heartbreaking resignation. While many of us frown upon acceptance of unfavorable conditions, this ability to take things in stride and working with what you have is perhaps the most valuable lesson I’ve gotten from my pets.

Meet Patrick Corr and his adorable cat, Stevie. They have an excellent relationship with a strong bond nourished by love and trust. They have been through a lot together and they are best friends that have relied on each other through different stages and obstacles in life. Stevie is not a normal cat, he is blind.  As a result Patrick has had to take responsibility of helping Stevie out through the daily motions of life. In turn, Stevie has taught Patrick that no matter how steep the slope, you can always surmount if you keep going forward.

Stevie’s trust in Patrick is undeniable, and you can see that in the video below. In it, the two go on a wild adventure – they attempt to climb a mountain together.

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