Boomer The Adventurous Cat Goes Skim Boarding.. So Cool!

I’ve seen people taking their pets for a walk, but taking your cat to the river side? That’s a new one for me. This is no ordinary cat and this is no ordinary event. Boomer, the Bengal cat that is Didga’s playmate, is going to go skim boarding!

Watch how he hangs by the riverside and plays by the water just like a dog would. In fact, if I didn’t see this with my own eyes, I would probably not believe it! His owner Robert trained Boomer since he got him from the shelter when he was just eleven weeks old. Being a Bengal, Boomer isn’t like other cats and tends to act more dog-like which is perfect for the antics him and Didga get up to.

Short for Boomerang, this cat glides serenely over the clear water, as if he were born to do just that. He looks so chilled out balancing on the skim board, without a single panicked peep or meow out of him. You can even see Didga cheering him on.

This video is just so awesome, because really now, where have you seen a cat do something like this? Unique and definitely one of a kind, Boomer remains an internet sensation on his human’s YouTube channel. Check their videos out on YouTube and don’t forget to SHARE this video. You may as well raise a few eyebrows in your friends circle. Have you seen anything like this? Write in and let us know in the comments section below.

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