Boozer the bulldog finally returns home after 9 years missing! WOW!

It is always heartbreaking to hear about lost family dogs, especially when families go through all the routes possible to recover their furry friend, to no avail. Lloyd and his family adopted a three month old, Boxer puppy and named him Boozer. Fast forward to Five months later, and the little pooch went missing from his home just as the family moved from Tennessee to Alabama.  Even though little Boozer was microchipped, the family was never able to locate the missing doggie.  Years passed by while the family never forgot about their lost friend.

Fast forward to nine years later.  Boozer was taken in by another family, they never updated his microchip information, so when they were forced to leave the little dog at a Denver animal shelter, the original owner showed up in the scan at the center.  The people at the shelter then found out Lloyd’s information, and sent his wife an email with a simple subject line: “Boxer dog.” Upon hearing the news from her and not minding her surprised reaction, Lloyd packed up and along his two kids went to pick up Boozer, covering more than 3,500 miles all the way to Denver!

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