Watching Herself Win, Border Collie is Her Own Biggest Fan — You Go Girl!

You may think dogs can be a little silly sometimes, but this owner gets a surprise when she turns the TV on and her dog comes over to watch.

Nothing beats getting back home from a hard day’s work like sitting down to watch TV, especially when it comes to pets, they always know how to bright up your day and they never complain about our taste in TV.

However, sometimes it’s hard to turn off the energy and excitement of your body, and this Collie sure hasn’t called it a day just yet, this must be her favorite show!

If you take a look at the TV closely, what a coincidence, it’s the recording of her competition! Her name is Kirk and she’s giving everything she got right next to her trainer Channan.

Border Collies are a working class breed, they are famous for their smarts and easy training, for example, they are a good choice for herding sheep, the more you know!

So this is a dog sports professional, and it shows, she gets into the action as soon as her trainer gives the signal, she’s very obedient.

What a sight, a dog watching herself on TV, maybe she recognized herself? Can dogs be that smart? You bet they are. We know exactly what’s on this Collie’s mind and she can’t control the excitement of reliving that moment, she’s jumping on the spot over and over.

That’s real passion right there, you can see how Kirk follows her moves on the screen, which in fact is showcasing quite a spectacle, Kirk moves swiftly through the obstacles, jumping, turning, and sliding.

At the same time, on the living room, she jumps higher and higher each time, by second 0:30 looks like she’s getting ready for something, what’s she going to do now?

Kirk made quite a few fans showing those skills on TV, furthermore, she won their hearts with all the enthusiasm while watching herself, Channan must be very proud.

One fan said “That’s hilarious! No wonder she’s amazed at herself! She’s outstanding in agility! Hey, I’d be watching myself too if I were that good”.

Another viewer, clearly a lover of Collies added: “I will never have any other breed, our Collie is the center of our family’s universe!”.

Do you think Kirk actually recognized herself in the TV? Or was she just thinking another furry friend wanted to play with her? Do you have a dog friend at home too? Watch the video and let people know.

Watching Herself Win, Border Collie is Her Own Biggest Fan — You Go Girl!