Border Colliers Rescued From The Wild Where There Spent Two Months In Terror.

People can really disappoint and usually it’s when you least expect it or even didn’t realize it was going on. Hoarding was classified as a disorder for the DSM V, the psychologist handbook of criteria that leads to a diagnosis. When you start to hoard animals, that’s when it really becomes something frightening- that’s another life form, a creature capable of feeling a range of emotions, not a collectable.

I realize it’s not that simple, I wish it would be. At least for the sake of the animals involved in the jarring events that transpire. When we first come upon two Border Collies, we see them huddled super close together, almost unnervingly so. They seem to be comforting each other in some respect, as they were both lost in the woods for a terrifying two months.

Animal rescue workers were gung-ho to find the poor dears, Lavern and Shirley, and bring them back home. While there are many accounts of what happened, there is one thing for sure- even though they initially split up, they ended up banding together and surviving the wilderness for an astounding 61 days. That’s no small feat by any means, but when you see them now, your heart will break a little bit. Losing a friend or family member out in the wilderness can really shake you to your core, but when you see the poor dears afterwards, you’ll be glad they are at least safe in the comfort of their home.

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