Born With Two Short Front Legs, Mouse Loves Being House Cat. Can He Survive? Amazing!

When it comes to being different, it can be tough for anyone – whether in humans or in the animal kingdom. When a stray cat went into labor, many kittens were born, but one stood out in the kitty litter. Named Mouse, the kitten’s front paws never really fully developed which meant he couldn’t keep up with his faster siblings.

Having being born with a congenital deformity also meant that he would have a tough time surviving in the wild. However, when he was rescued, his kind humans soon realized his utter adorable cuteness that soon had them under his paw. Brought into the Kitten Nursery of the Best Friends Animal Society with his mum and his kitty kin when he was still a feral cat meant that they had their work cut out for the human rescuers.

“Soon the volunteers and staff managed to tame Mouse down”, said Barbara Williamson of the BFAS, but his deformity implied that Mouse would have to go into foster care. The tuxedo colored cat soon fit into his new environment like a hand into a glove and became good buddies with the resident cat. His new owners saw that he responded very well to love and affection and soon showered him with cuddles and he returned the love with purrs and snuggles.

With all the positive encouragement Mouse was getting, he soon caught up in terms of speed, strength and dexterity to his siblings and overcame his birth defect. There’s no way Mouse, who received a new name with his new foster parents, would let his shorter front paws come in the way of his fun. Adopted by a cute couple who saw him at the Salt Lake Pet Adoption Center, Lana and Curtis Crichton renamed him as ‘Small’ and he showers his love for them every day with snuggles and cuddles.

Smalls knows he is finally at home now with loved ones. You can see him being his lovable self in the video. What did you think of this story? Would you share it? Have you helped rescued cats find loving homes? We want to hear from you! Please post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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