A Boston Terrier puppy is eating his dinner, then the most amazing thing happens

Puppies do the funniest things. Making a funny puppy video is a walk in the park, they are capable of doing the most amazing things and making them look easy. Their coordination is not always up to par with their curiosity and this is what makes them the stars of the show. I’ve had about 4 puppies and they’ve all been awesome.

I started looking at compilations of puppy videos ever since I had my first puppy. Many experts in several fields of medicine believe that puppies can aid people who are suffering from several ailments to recover faster than they would without them. When you’re talking about children is where the advantages are more noticeable.

A non-profit organization recently teamed up with a hospital to provide these rehab services. This organization took therapists and puppies to see these children. The children would carry out their normal therapy sessions which were aimed to help them recover their mobility. Each therapy session was followed by a session with the puppies in which they worked on mobility in a ‘play’ setting.

The experts also designed the metrics that would be evaluated to determine how much progress would be made by introducing the puppies to the children. For this study, the children population in the hospital was divided into two groups: one group would work with the puppies while the other half would just have their normal therapy.

They worked like this for 6 weeks and then a third-party lab analyzed the results. After six weeks the results indicated that the children who had worked with puppies showed the greatest progress in terms of mobility. Some of the experts believe that it was because of the extra work that was done with the puppies. The other half who worked without the puppies showed ‘standard’ progress.

So, as you can see, puppies can do the most amazing things. But the best one of all is starring in funny videos. It doesn’t matter if they are featured in videos where they are eating, playing or trying to drink water, puppies will always manage to get more than a smile out of us.

The following video is a prime example of this. A couple has just serve dinner to their Boston Terrier puppy. They were just expecting the puppy to eat as fast as he could and be over within about 2 minutes. What they didn’t expect was that the puppy would do a very cool balancing act while at it. Check it out for yourself and be amazed, this puppy has some serious skills!