Boston Terrier Receives A Direct Order From Mom. You Won’t BELIEVE What He Did After! LOL

We’ve seen lots of videos that proof that dogs are some of the best companions that a person can have. Because of their natural charm and playfulness, they’re like endless sources of fun and amazing experiences, and they fill our lives with joy. If you’re a dog parent yourself, you already know that dogs always have a new adventure or silly mischief to make us laugh, and the doggy in the clip we put below is no exception to that rule. Wait until you see him for yourself!

This energetic fellow is named Humphrey. He’s a Boston terrier, and he always has a new way to make her human friends have fun and be happy. In the clip, we see him receiving an order from his mom, and he obeys like the good boy he is. But as soon as she turns around, he gets back in the crib, and he doesn’t keep his loyal demeanor once he’s back in it! In the end, mama lets him share the crib with the baby, since he’s like another toddler in the family himself.

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Share this hilarious video with your friends and family on Facebook because it will give them a GREAT BIG laugh!