Boston Terrier Sits In Car Back Seat. My Jaw Dropped When I Heard What Sounds He Made.

It’s funny what sounds animals are capable of. We know that parrots are among the most gifted mimics. Sometimes it’s eerie to hear them talk like us. There are animals that can imitate another animal as a sort of lure for hunting – no, I’m not including hunters and duck calls here. But there are other times where an animal can duplicate the sound of another one purely by happenstance. Like the star of this video.

We see Bruce, a Boston Terrier. That alone made me want to watch the video. That breed is the best. I used to work at a bookstore and a customer brought in a Boston Terrier puppy. That whole visit, all of the workers were paying attention to the dog. “Hi, can you help me find…” “PUPPY!” That’s the feeling that this pooch invoked when I was watching him. If someone interrupted me: “PUPPY!”

Bruce is staring intently out the window of the car and he goes on to make sounds that remarkably resemble a goat and a dolphin. A girl is sitting in the back seat with the Boston Terrier and she can’t contain her laughter at what’s going on. She’s probably seen it a few times, but like some movies that never fail to make you laugh, Bruce is great at cheering up her day. His mommy is heard laughing too.

Some people were speculating that Bruce was in pain. His mommy quickly shot that down. He was just looking at other dogs and wanted to play with them. Though I’m not sure how the other dogs would have reacted if they thought a goat and a dolphin were coming to see them. “Wait. Are we on land or at sea? How can a goat and a dolphin be here?” Well, that’s what they would probably ponder if they could do deep thinking.

Wasn’t Bruce so adorable? I loved watching this video. Then again, I have a soft spot for Boston Terriers – one was the mascot of my alma mater. Do you have any experience with them? Let us know in the comments section below!

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