He Bought A Steak From The Grocery Store, Didn’t Say This Ingredient Was In It…

Have you ever heard of meat glue? I hadn’t until this point. It turns out it’s an agent called transglutaminase. It’s a naturally-occurring clotting agent that has some legitimate uses in the meat industry. However, is being used in a very deceptive way. Many supermarkets are using it to make steaks from scrap meat. You know, those little pieces of meat leftover? Those are the ones that I’m talking about. The problem is they are not disclosing it.

Because it can come from pork and you’re Jewish or Muslim… you’re not supposed to be eating any of it. They’re making it from pork blood, beef blood, and even fermented bacteria. Sounds yummy? So, if you’re eating that sandwich that looks like a rib, it’s got it in it. If you’re eating chicken nuggets, it’s got it as well. Apparently, there is a very large roast-beef-sandwich chain in the United States that also uses it. The reason we say this is because if you hold up a slice of that meat from the sandwich you will notice a very unnatural texture to it.

If you’ve gone to the supermarket and seen some nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs you must assume there’s some sort of agent holding everything together. The reason why supermarkets and some restaurants don’t disclose this is because they say it’s a process. If it were an ingredient they would be obliged to disclose it in their ingredients table. But because it’s a process they don’t have to. The following video is for educational purposes. We’re not condoning the use of this agent and were not fans of it. The idea is for you to find out what’s going on and make informed decisions as to where you eat and shop.

We’re going to illustrate the process of how to make a “Frankensteak.” So, we’re going to need a few pieces of steak, a lot of pieces of very inexpensive meat, and a bunch of fat. Sounds gross? Well, this is what you may be getting instead of rib eye. So, we’ll use a beef brisket because of the fat in it, some inexpensive pieces of stew meat, the agent is put into a salt shaker. The first thing we’re going to do is going to remove the fat cap. Next, we’ll dice this brisket into small pieces.

Using the agent in liquid form, we’re going to brush it all over the surface. We will then add the agent in powder form. We have also mixed it with water so we can use it in liquid form. Then we add the chopped-up stew meat and we use a small portion of the agent with each little piece. And that’s basically all the process. You at some meat sprinkle some of the powder and brush a little bit of the liquid form.

Once you’re finished you vacuum-pack it. Then, refrigerated overnight. By the next day all the meat will look compressed. Then you just slice it to stakes that look very convincing. Scary but true, you gotta watch it!