Bowie the Parrot Just Wants To Talk! When He Sees His Twin, Oh Wait, That’s No Twin!

Animals mostly crave company. Some of them desperately need to have companions. You really can’t have one ferret, for example. They need another one there with them. Some birds are like that too – having a fine-feathered friend with them can do wonders for their health and constitution. But what happens if one of them gets tired of hearing the other one talk? This video shows the hilarious results.

Bowie the parrot is in a chatty mood in this video. He starts talking to his friend, Hazel, a fellow parrot. She pays him no mind. Undeterred, Bowie walks over to the window and looks outside. Whoa… he sees a parrot outside that looks JUST like him. He starts talking to him and lo and behold, the parrot outside moves JUST like he does. Not once does it sink into his brain that the “bird” outside is nothing but a reflection of him.

Thrilled that he has company, Bowie puts on “the moves” by saying stuff like “Gimme Hug” and “I Love You.” His buddy in the window is all ears. He keeps talking and talking throughout the rest of the video. Hey, it’s a way for him to pass the day now that Hazel isn’t listening to him. Bowie pecks on a stuffed crocodile in between “conversations.” It’s a bright, sunny day outside, so he can see himself reflected quite nicely.

The only danger might have been Bowie trying to fly to get to the “other” bird, but it looks like he lives in an apartment building high above a city. The glass would be pretty thick. Then the only things that would be hurting would be his head and his ego. He seems like a very social creature – many parrots are – so this was just a harmless way for him to pass time. Nobody got hurt here.

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