Boxer Finds The Most Curious Thing! When He Looks Closer… I Was Blown Away!

It’s always funny to see videos of animals being irrationally terrified of harmless things. How any videos have we seen of dogs or cats scared of vacuums? Or dogs scared of cats riding Roomba-type vacuums? They have been known to be afraid of their own shadows. Now we have a new entrant in this genre. A dog that is afraid of a feather. Yes, I’m not kidding here. You need to watch this.

This boxer has found a truly terrifying enemy on his porch: A feather that’s stuck in the doorway. For some reason, this gigantic pooch is so scared of this feather. Maybe he thinks the edges of it have razor-sharp teeth or something. The way it flaps in the wind too may be disconcerting. He edges closer… closer… and then jumps back. Gathering up his courage, he reaches out and knocks the feather to the ground. Knock out.

What’s so funny about this is that the dog is so cautious of something that we all know is innocuous. Then again, we automatically know this. This dog may have never seen a feather like this before. He may have no prior knowledge to draw upon. So this is a new experience. What if it’s a new type of feather? The DEATH FEATHER 9000. He can’t be too careful. But once he gets it down on the ground, it’s all over.

This dog’s family must go to bed each night terrified that a feather will make its way inside and rob them. I mean, this boxer had to muster up ALL his courage to knock it to the ground. That was a tiny feather, too! Imagine if, say, an eagle’s feather gains entry. It’s all over! The feather would overwhelm that dog. Though, if a real burglar broke in, chances are good that the dog would attack him or her.

What an adorable video, though. What did you think of it? Please tell us below!

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