This Boxer Is Furious At Her Dad For Making Her Leave The Dog Park. So What She Does? LOL!

The Internet is the prime hub for hilarious videos. I have recognized that dog videos are one of the best. I have also realized that dogs love complaining very much. Every now and then you come across a video where a pooch is cranky at his owner for one thing or the other, and that’s exactly what you’ll see in this clip. This dog’s reaction is priceless.

This cute Boxer in the video loves to go to the park and play. So when her dad picked her up from the dog park and got her in the car to make her leave, she decided to bark out her frustration. She is really mad at him for making her leave the park early and her poor dad does not hear the end of it!

This boxer is white with spots on his face, making him a unique type of boxer. He also has a very unique way of protesting leaving the park. His owner is driving and filming his dog’s reaction and it is pretty funny. The dog is barking, only it is the strangest bark I’ve ever heard. It almost sounds like he’s saying, “You made me leave the park.” Really!

But wait until the owner asks the dog if he’s a Texans fan. Complete silence. LOL! The dog doesn’t make a sound, so I take that as a no. The owner takes it as a yes and eggs him on to get him to talk more.

Watch this grouchy yet adorable boxer video below! Can you remember when your pet was this upset with you? Let us know about it in the comments!

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