This Boxer Is Sleepy So Her Mom Shows Her A Binky

If you needed further proof that dogs and human babies are quite similar, look no further than this video. The star of this clip is Princess Leia, and boy, is she aptly named. Talk about a princess pup! The boxer in this video is unbelievably cute and sleepy, but she apparently needs a little help from her binky to nod off into dreamland. She is like a little baby who loves to get comfort from her pacifier, and you won’t believe her reaction when her owner finally gives it to her.

Princess Leia, the boxer loves to relax with her pacifier. In this clip she is lying on the couch and knows she doesn’t have to move a muscle to get mom to give her the pacifier. When her owner gives this amazing dog a binky, she immediately responds like an infant and starts sucking on it. But that’s not the funniest part. One moment she is sucking on it and the next, she is asleep and well, snoring rather un-princess like.  She takes the pacifier and sleeps peacefully just like a baby, if you can ignore the snores coming from her, which I found hilarious. Just eight months old, the way she reacts to a binky is precious. The owner is nearby and making sure she doesn’t choke on the pacifier, but her mouth is closed around it and she’s sound asleep within seconds of getting it.

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