Dad captures boy and bear jumping for joy and it’s pure gold

Bear and Boy Jumping

Ian’s dad often takes him to the Nashville Zoo. It’s one of the 5-year-old boy’s favorite places in the world. A lot of people can relate. If you’ve ever been to Nashville’s zoo, you’ll understand completely. Of course, all you have to be is an animal lover to understand. Since they have a family a membership, there’s no reason for Ian not to visit as often. So when Ian’s dad heard about a new Andean bear, they knew they had to make a trip.

Luka the Bear had just plunged into the water when it saw Ian jumping up and down. What happened next, captured in the video above, is spreading joy all over the internet, being shared on Facebook thousands of times and we admit, it does a good job of melting hearts and delivering all the feels.

This bear is having a blast playing with this Ian. The rambunctious and energetic tyke started jumping up and down and the bear decides to join in. You can see and feel their excitement and happiness. Their interaction is a marvel to behold

Ian’s Dad, Patrick Parker, said the bear thoroughly enjoyed their “10-minute jump session.” You could say, they are getting by with just the “bear” necessities! I know. I couldn’t resist. Please bear with me.

This video is so awesome! That little boy will remember that his whole life! Maybe the bear will, too. I know I won’t be forgetting these two wild and crazy guys any time soon. They’re just too much alike or rather that silly bear is too much like that silly boy!

Now it’s your turn to join the fun. Watch this heartwarming video below of these two jumping boys and pass it along to your friends if it put a smile on your face.

Dad captures boy and bear jumping for joy and it\'s pure gold