When This Boy Comes Home From School, His Dog Does Most Hilarious Thing

Dogs definitely take the cake amongst pets that are enthusiastic when greeting their owners! Most dogs love to greet their family when they arrive home. In this video, one precious pup has gone beyond the wet kisses and tail wagging and found a whole new way to show his family how much he loves them.

When the little boy returns home from school, the dog runs up to him and “hugs” his favorite human with his tail! As you can see from the video, the hilarious dog actually circles the boy and then grabs his own fluffy tail, wrapping himself around the boy. To say that he is happy to see his friend and doesn’t want to let him escape again is an understatement.

The boy has the best reaction because he can’t get out of the dog’s “hug.” He is stuck,well, until this pup is ready to let go of his tail! The boy can’t stop giggling at how funny the dog is, almost trapping him in the never-ending embrace. Clearly these two have been friends for a long time and have a very close bond. It’s great that these two have each other to depend on.

Have you ever seen a dog do anything like this before? It is so amazing to see the different ways dogs show affection to their human family.

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