At first, he was confused… then the dog toys made sense

Many children ask their parents for a dog when they’re growing up. After all, dogs are known as “man’s best friend!” Still, not every parent is willing—or able—to fulfill their child’s request.

That was the situation for young Adam Grimpo. Despite having wanted a puppy since he was three years old, he’d never had a dog to call his own. Both of his parents worked full-time and didn’t want to leave a dog crated all day.

Fortunately, Sarah Grimpo (Adam’s mom) had recently switched to a new job. Now able to work from home, she decided it was time to fulfill Adam’s wish (complete with a bit of clever tomfoolery).

Adam was understandably confused and disappointed when he opened his birthday gifts, only to discover that his mom had bought him dog toys. The toys were themed after a show Adam liked, “Stranger Things.”

The boy wasn’t overjoyed by these gifts, but he smiled for his mom anyway. “Are you serious? Are they dog toys?” Sarah asked. “Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry, bud. I guess you need a dog.”

It took Adam a second to get the hint and turn around, but once he did, his real gift was right in front of him. His dad was holding a small puppy in his arms.

He was instantly overwhelmed with emotions, commenting, “I’m gonna cry.” His mother reassured him, saying, “that’s ok.” Finally, Adam went over to pet his new puppy for the first time.

This video is adorable for more than one reason. Of course, the boy fulfilled his lifelong dream of getting a puppy. However, it’s also clear that his parents have created a supportive environment for him to freely express his emotions. We’re sure the pair will grow up in a safe and loving home. So cute!

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At first, he was confused... then the dog toys made sense