Boy picks shy, elderly, overweight cat to adopt from shelter

His mom told him he could choose any animal he wanted from the shelter — as long as it was a cat or a dog. Now, Easton’s mother assumed his choice would be a little kitten or a precious puppy, but no! He took everyone by complete surprise. Meet “Tiny” and older and, ahem, somewhat husky, older, orange feline. Let’s just say he is a “mature cat of ample girth and warmth” and leave it at that. Hey, I’m not exactly a svelt spring chicken myself!

Tiny’s previous owners were forced to give him up and for very sad reasons, Tiny was dropped off at the animal shelter. Adoption prospects aren’t normally good for older cats. Most people prefer younger cats or kittens (I guess they don’t know about the benefits of having mature, mellow cats-of-character, but I digress…)

So Tiny was dropped off at the shelter and things did not look good. Not only was he older, he was also a “little” overweight, but when Easton walked into the shelter, something magical happened. This young boy and that “old” cat had an instant bond. Any intelligent person would call it fate or destiny or karma. Heck, I would!

Well, it did not take long to seal the deal. Easton and Tiny went home together, but that’s not the end of the story.

On the way back home, Easton opened Tiny’s kennel door and Tiny gently climbed into his lap and began purring “the loudest purr I’ve ever heard”. Now some people might be a bit alarmed about letting a cat “loose” in the car, but I assure you: Tiny was an absolute gentleman. He sat on Easton’s lap all the way home.

And you know how the saying goes: They lived happily ever after. Boy and cat. Friends forever. This is one match made in Heaven. Share this story and spread the joy.